Thursday, 25 August 2011

Stir Fry Madness

Hey folks, welcome back for your 3rd installment of Student Eats.

Today its all about stir fry.

Now the great thing about stir fry is that you can put so many different things in it. The recipe below is just 1 of many ways to make a stir fry. So after trying this way get crazy and experiment with other ingredients.

Bags for life at the ready, its check list time

Rice noodles
Bean sprouts
All purpose seasoning (optional)
Sweet chili sauce/ Tomato pasta sauce/ Stir fry sauce (Try all of them, not together, DARE YOU!)

1) Chop all the vegetables
2) Grate carrots (optional, chop if preferred)
3) Add all vegetables apart from bean sprouts into a frying pan (Softens the veg as noodles and spouts cook quicker)
4) Lightly cover veg with seasoning (optional)
*remember to stir*
5) Once veg is soft add sprouts and noodles
6) Add sauce of choice and stir to make sure the sauce covers everything
7) Cook for 1-2 mins until noodles are soft and sauce is hot

This makes a great snack or a light lunch. Also goes great with meat for dinner. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Questions, comments and suggestions welcome.

Thats it folks, enjoy your eats

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