Sunday, 27 November 2011

Embrace your inner Ninja Turtle...

Hey, long time no see!

Welcome back for the next installment of Student Eats.

Today we are covering a very important topic. Its time to make that awesome thing called pizza.

Chicken and pineapple

450g Self Raising Flour
90ml of olive oil
180ml warm water
1 tsp salt
Tomato puree
Mixed herbs
All purpose seasoning (optional for meat topping e.g. chicken)
Topping of choice

1) Season and cook meat topping of choice e.g. chicken
2) Put flour and salt into a bowl, gradually mix in the oil and water until you have a dough ball
3) Kneed and roll out on a surface
4) Put the dough on a pizza/oven tray. Dont be scared to make a non pizza like shape, I molded the dough over a rectangle oven tray
5) Cover dough with tomato puree, a spinkle of mixed herbs, loads of grated cheese and the toppings of choice
6) Shove it in an oven on 200°C until cheese is melted (if you used a meat topping make sure it is cooked)

There you have it. Experiment with different toppings and let me know how it goes. So far I've tried chicken and pineapple, as well as ham and pineapple which is my favourite.

Check back soon for the next post
As always comments, suggestions and questions are welcome

Enjoy your eats

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