Friday, 15 July 2011

Magic Mince....Munchkins?

Ok here we go folks. This post is going to be about the magic of mince.

I say magic because it is cheap, easy and goes with so many other things. For example you can have it with rice, pasta, spaghetti or tortilla wraps.

You will need the following ingredients


Pasta Sauce
All Purpose Seasoning
Sweet Chili Sauce
Jerk Seasoning (Optional)

Good old Tesco does a value pack of mince for £2. For the international readers any pack will do of course, so run to your local store and get some along with the rest of the items on the checklist. I'll sit here patiently and wait for you to get back. 

Ok everyone stand still for a head count...

Good everyone is back just in time.

1) Get the mince going in a saucepan on a medium heat. Stir occasionally so it cooks evenly.         Don't throw away the container you will need that later.

2) While thats going get ahead by chopping up an onion into small pieces. Try not to rub your     eyes as you probably have onion on them and it will make it worse. Safety first kids.

3) Once mince is coloured, not pink anymore, drain most of the fat into the container it came      in. Don't pour it down the sink as it can block it.

4) Add the onions and the mixed herbs as well as just a dash of salt, pepper and sugar.

5) Add a light covering of all purpose seasoning and sweet chili sauce.

6) Add a tsp jerk seasoning for a little kick.

7) Add pasta sauce.

8) Remember people, stir stir stir. You want all the flavours to spread into the mince.

Taste test time! Are you excited yet? Add extra seasoning if needed to get it to your liking.

It is good to cook more than needed. Fridge some, freeze some. Words to live by I think. You are now sorted for most of the week. Remember mix it up a bit with the suggestions above.

Thats all folks. Enjoy your eats =]

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